3 thoughts on “6 days ago I had laparoscopy appendectomy and I look 3 months pregnant with bloating. How long will this last?”

  1. Oh god, I remember that! It didn’t go away for over a couple weeks for me but I think it didn’t help that I was drinking ginger ale for like a week after surgery to deal with the nausea I got from the stitches lol.

    When they do that kind of procedure they have to inflate your abdomen to make your bottom side drop and your top rise (kind of like a circus tent), so they can see clearly.

    What can I Expect After Surgery?

    * Incision sites will be tender. Take pain medication as directed.
    * You make take a shower two days after surgery.
    * You may experience bloating or constipation. Resume a healthy, high-fiber diet as soon as you go home.
    * Lift objects that are easy to handle. Use your legs to handle most of the work. Avoid strenuous activity.
    * Walking and stair climbing are good to improve your circulation.
    * Avoid driving for seven days after your surgery and when taking pain medication.
    * Assume sexual intercourse as soon as you feel comfortable and have discussed this with your surgeon.
    * Call and schedule a follow-up appointment within one to two weeks after surgery. Schedule any additional follow-up appointments.
    * Have any stitches removed depending upon the type your physician uses.
    * Discuss with your surgeon your return to an office job within 2 weeks and up to 4 weeks for physically demanding jobs.

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