How Does Alcohol and Bloating Relate To Each Other?

Excessive alcohol consumption can have a major impact on your health. For years, doctors have warned that individuals who choose to consume alcohol should do so in moderation. The impact that alcohol can have on an individual’s health can be severe and long lasting. Consumption of alcohol in excess can not only impact your internal health but also your external appearance.

There is a strong correlation between alcohol and bloating. Consuming alcohol in excessive quantities can lead to temporary bloating of the face, or long term bloating of the belly. Alcohol normally contains large quantities of wheat and grain products. These products lead to the creation of gas in the stomach and large intestines. When this gas becomes trapped, it creates a bloated belly. While at times just uncomfortable, this alcohol related bloating can be very noticeable as well. Everyone has seen men who sport “beer bellies”. This type of abdominal distension is caused by the impact that excessive alcohol consumption has on your digestive system.

Along with creating gas related bloating, alcohol can cause bloating that can be attributed to weight gain. Alcohol contains many empty calories. It is common for individuals who drink heavily not to realize how many calories they are taking into their system by imbibing their favorite alcoholic brew.

Along with increasing bloating and weight gain, alcohol can also have other undesirable effects on an individual’s physical appearance. Conditions such as broken veins, excessive reddening of the skin, dry skin, bloodshot eyes, and even bruising have all been connected to excessive consumption of alcohol.

Alcohol consumption in excess can also leave an individual reeking from alcohol. Alcohol leaves the body through urine, sweat, or even through your breath. If you drink enough alcohol, this smell can secrete from your body even hours after you took your last sip.

The connection between alcohol and bloating along with alcohol and physical appearance deterioration are things that many people do not take into consideration. All too frequently, people engage in the practice of excessive alcohol consumption and do not consider the fact that this consumption will impact their physical appearance.

The effects of alcohol can at times be irreversible. The next time you decide to engage in a bout of binge drinking, consider the impact that this activity will have on your looks. Alcohol and bloating go hand in hand. If you don’t care about what alcohol is doing to your insides, maybe you will care about the visible effects that excessive drinking can have on your body.

Many people enjoy the taste and effect of an alcoholic beverage from time to time. When alcohol consumption becomes a problem is when it becomes excessive. Alcohol consumption can lead to flaws in your physical appearance and serious health issues. If your thinking that there might be a connection between alcohol and bloating in your diet, reduce or even better eliminate your alcohol consumption.

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