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Tips, Tricks and symptoms of bloating during pregnancy

How to relieve heartburn and bloating when you are pregnant?

i’m 7 week pregnant now and have a bad morning sickness but the one that i can’t stand is the bloating and the heart burn sometimes it so painful that i can’t go to sleep. i’m so stress about right now since i want the pain to go away while i can’t drink any stomach acid medicine. is there any treatment that okay for me to consume right now that help to relief this burning pain ?

When does the bloating you get in early pregnancy go away?

I am only 6.5 weeks and look like I am showing already – I am so bloated all the time! I’m not complaining about it cause its nice to have pregnancy symptoms – reminds me of my baby growing inside me. But does the early bloating go away and when? I don’t want to be alarmed when I am bloated and looking pregnant and then all of a sudden I am back to normal. Or does it go away?

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