Causes of a Bloated Abdomen

Of the many health problems that individuals face, the problem of a bloated abdomen is one of the most common.  Nearly everyone has suffered from tightness or pain in their abdominal region at one point in time or another.  This pain can vary greatly from a minor annoyance to a crippling hindrance to daily activities.  If you find that you suffer from a bloated abdomen, you can likely relieve your symptoms by considering the possible causes and making some minor dietary changes.

The most common cause of a temporarily bloated gut is overeating.  It is highly common for individuals to feel a tightness or mild pain in their stomach if they have just over indulged.  This is particularly common if the individual has eaten an oily or high fat meal.  If this is the cause of your bloated distended abdomen, the solution is simple, just cut down on the quantity of the food you eat and make sure that the food you are eating is high quality and nutritious.

Another common cause of a bloating in the abdomen is the presence of a digestive disorder.  It is possible for an individual to have a mild allergic reaction to a food that they ingest, and then for this reaction to manifest itself as bloating or stomach irritation.  Be cognizant of the food that you eat immediately before you start to feel the development of a bloating in your stomach.  If you find that your bloating begins, it is likely the result of a digestive disorder and will almost certainly stop if you cease eating the offending food.

A less common and more serious cause of bloating is intestinal parasites.  These are much more common in other parts of the world where poor hygiene and unclean food supplies lead to the introduction of parasites into the body.  However, it is possible for an individual living in a relatively clean environment to come into contact with an intestinal parasite and for this parasite to invade and wreak havoc on their digestive system.  If your bloating symptoms are continuous and severe, contact a doctor to make sure that you are not suffering from a more serious underlying health problem.

A final, potentially dangerous factor that can produce or contribute to bloating is constipation.  Constipation is the bodies inability to properly dispose of solid waste.  If you suffer from constipation, you will almost certainly experience a bloating in your abdomen.  Constipation is a potentially dangerous health disorder that many individuals suffer with in silence because discussing it can be potentially embarrassing.  If you suffer from constipation, seek help to remedy the issue.  Avoiding the topic could lead to the development of further health problems.

Bloating is a very common problem.  In general, individuals eat quickly and ingest large quantities of unhealthy foods.  If you frequently find that you have a bloated abdomen, you need to consider the possible causes and potential solutions to your problem.  Bloating, while common, is not inevitable.  You can put a stop to your bloating and reclaim your physical comfort.

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