Coeliac sufferers: how long before you noticed an improvement in your symptoms on a gluten-free diet?

I have been on a gluten-free diet for two weeks, and so far have noticed a dramatic improvement in my IBS: less bloating etc, which is just what I’d hoped for! 😀 I’m hoping my anaemia and other deficiencies will lesson with time, along with my constant fatigue.
As the question says, how long was it until you noticed relief from other symptoms?
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One thought on “Coeliac sufferers: how long before you noticed an improvement in your symptoms on a gluten-free diet?”

  1. It can take a few months to a year or more to see all the benefits of the diet. Just how long changes from person to person. Many doctors will do a follow-up biopsy after a year to check your success on the diet. It took me just 3 days to feel dramatically better, but I think it was about 6 months when I noticed just how much more energy and happiness and well-being I had. There were several symptoms that went away that first week or two, but over the next 6-8 months I gradually came to feel like decades had peeled away from how old I felt. I was astounded at how many little physical and mental (anxiety/moodiness) symptoms went away that I had assumed were just part of getting older, that were caused by some other condition, and/or that I had not expected would disappear on the diet.

    Two of my cousins have the disease as well. And while I improved fairly rapidly, they both improved more slowly. I think this was partly because they both had more severe symptoms to begin with and partly because they both lived with people who ate gluten; where as my house was completely gluten free, making it easier to ensure that, at least in my own home, I wasn’t being exposed to gluten. I also started taking some digestive enzymes; calcium, magnesium, and zinc pills; and a multivitamin with a B complex — just to try and get my nutritional deficiencies back up to speed as quickly as possible. I don’t know if that helped me feel better sooner or not.

    The learning curve is pretty steep on this diet. Especially if you turn out to be someone who is really sensitive to cross contamination. Learning the details — like how to eat out safely, watching out for shampoos, or sunscreen, or makeup, or drywall dust, etc. — can take a while. And until you have mastered the diet, you will have setbacks in healing. But if you’re like many of us, the final result seems nothing short of a miraculous new lease on life.

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