Constipation relief?

I’ve been very constipated because of a medication I’m on, and I used a glycerin suppository. I did get some relief from it, but I still feel very bloated and “full”. Is it OK to use another suppository today?
I do eat a lot of fibre and try to keep my fluid intake high, but it’s not working, which is why I’m using the suppositories.

4 thoughts on “Constipation relief?”

  1. I still suggest the prunes or prune juice. Have you ever tried another laxative such as Correctol? It is not something you need to take every day,and it is ok to not have a bowel movement for 3-5 days. Any longer though,is really considered constipated. Also,consider the sources that your fiber is coming from. A lot of cereals claim to have fiber,but not enough to be helping your problem.

    I wouldn’t get dependant on the suppositories or any other chemical laxative. By doing so,your body actually starts to recognize this and begins to shut down its own ability to help you naturally.

  2. i would call a doctor or emergency room and ask if it would be ok to do that. try drinking some prune juice. well u know dr. pepper has prune in it already just add a little more to it and try that.

  3. It probably wouldn’t hurt you to use one but you shouldn’t become dependent on them, they best thing to do is add water to your diet along with lots of fruit and veggies to help your system adjust to the medication.

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