14 thoughts on “feeling alittle stomach pain”

  1. you are also a shapeshifter if I have ever seen one. What’s with the speaking in tongues thing, yeah, that freaks most people out, lizards do that shit, maybe that’s why you are having so many problems. Ask your parents about your reptilian heritage & eat a fucking sandwich.

  2. Rena I feel very Happy today. U look Good. I’ve been worried about u all week. I told my friends and parents about U. They stay in Indiana. Very Nice people Very Traditional. Don’t think people don’t care about U. My friends are praying for u in IL and IN. Rena I have a heart for everyone. It’s the way my parents raised me. My parents excepts anyone regardless who they are. Remember ART is the way out of depression. Expression. Go on what u feel. Music, Singing, Topic, today issues, etc.

  3. Leave thy beatuiful self alone. You will feel better in the light for it is time thou Child of God.

  4. get a life would i?
    your annerexic
    you look sickly
    i wouldnt want to be friends with you either so who ever left you was in their right mind congradulations to them

  5. you sure your not projecting ur insercurities on her? cos thats how that comment comes across…….

  6. You’re the perfect candidate to be punched real hard in the stomach. I’d love to do that to you. I’d give you REAL stomach pain.

  7. You are a beauriful girl! Although your thinking is dark. You are scared, insecure and overwhelmed by life. Your panic attacs come from your disorientation. If you want to be happy, start changing the way you talk to yourself. Read a book called “What to say when you talk to yourself” by Shad Helmstetter. And do the exercises from the book. It will change your life.

  8. @makeherstomachhurt dude you do not know what stomach pain is. Ive blacked out before because of it

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