Girl with very bloated stomach.

This is me bloating my stomach with water. Includes sucking in my stomach and stomach pains. The before shot shows my belly completely empty and the after shots show my belly with 3 litres of water inside it! 2 of the 3 litres were drank slowly over a few hours and the final litre was chugged right before filming. Sorry it’s not that long – my bladder was feeling pretty painful aswell. I woke up in the night with stomach pain and filmed this aswell. Also at the end of this video is a recording of the noises my stomach was making in the night.

25 thoughts on “Girl with very bloated stomach.”

  1. @derraabe I’m building up to a gallon. But at the moment 3 litres is a strain as it is.

  2. try drinking something else. that much water can make a dangerous inbalance in your electrolytes. loving it by the way!

  3. poor tummy – looks like it really hurt. i find clutching my belly only makes pain worse because it increases the pressure in (in your case), an already VERY full belly. Gentle rubbing and light pressure that gradually gets harder helps – you’ll burp a lot & probably get some painful hiccups that will make your tum really slosh around…but it should feel a bit better – works for me, at any rate 😀

  4. aw poor tummy , cute how u tryd to suck it in but uhoh jus too full for that(: i knw the feelimg

  5. this video is very original
    u are like da only one
    who did a video with
    water bloating, stomach pains, and stomach sounds
    all in one

    Great video!

  6. I want to see the video of you drinking one gallon of water. Have you ever considered a hot wing and beer bloat?

  7. Fabulous work, you have a very good belly stretching skill there. 🙂 keep up the training,you will find you can stretch your stomach more n more. at least thats what happened to me. Thanks for sharing.^^

  8. heyy I made a video and was just wondering if ya’ll could take a look and see if it’s something I should continue doing 🙂

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