4 thoughts on “how can i get rid of bloating and loose some weight?”

  1. Hey there!

    You and me both! I started my mission to loss some weight a month ago. I called it ”Operation 6 pack!” lol. Anyway excuse the silly name, I was 94 kilo’s (206 pounds) back in Jan and now im slowly breaking into the 88 kilo (193 pounds) marker.

    Now lets be realistic, there’s no such thing as a quick fix for losing weight and the rate that I am losing weight will be completely different from lets say you. It all depends on a few things such as diet, metabolic rate and how much you exercise.

    Diet is the key, it will be the biggest factor between success and failure. Ive opted for a higher protein diet however you need to choose a diet that is good for you and one that your comfortable with. I do eat carbs but just basic carbs such as oatmeal in the morning. Lots of lean meats (boiled) and fish! Loads of fruit (especially blue berry’s) and Veg. Eat around 4 meals a day NOT to big, just enough to make you feel full!! Drink green tea its brilliant for losing weight but not in the evening though otherwise you’ll have trouble getting to sleep around 3-4 cups spread out during the day. Drink lots of water to.

    Flaxseed and is the fantastic for weight management as well and I love the stuff it even got rid of my eczema to, bonus!! You can buy it in oil form which is the best, capsules, seeds or milled seeds. My advice is milled seeds every time saves you having to grind them up yourself.

    Things to avoid and you’ll probably hate me after this lol are yup you guessed it, Chocolate, crisps biscuits fizzy drinks etc… Do not fall into any crappy scams like the Acia berry diets or diet pills they are absolute rubbish.

    Word of warning the Acia berry diet is the biggest scam going at the moment I see one of the guys has listed it, forget it. These free trial sites want you to order and just pay for postage and packing, supposedly risk free and before you know it your lumbered with a $200 bill and monthly subscription which they charge you every month at a ridiculous price for something that does not work!!!! So please please don’t do it!! Rule of thumb: if diet pills worked then we would all be taking them!! Rant over!! lol


    Exercise is going to be the next thing, I workout 3 to 4 times a week at the gym however if the gym is not your thing just do loads of cardio running, walking circuit training etc basically anything that will get the heart rate up as this will have an effect on your metabolic rate. Don’t be fooled into thinking that by doing just stomach crunches that it will burn the fat away from your stomach because it wont, they will however firm the stomach up. Really you need to do an all round body workout in order start burning the fat away slowly. If you want to know what I do then just email me and i’ll send you some workout tips. Get plenty of rest, remember you will not be burning fat whilst you workout, you’ll lose it during times of rest basically during the night when you are asleep.

    Finally, just remember losing weight really fast is bad for you, take your time as its a gradual process start working out and eating right and you’ll start seeing the results before you know it.

    All Best and good luck!!

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