How can I stop bloating and a growling stomach?

Lately everyday I’ve been getting horrible bloating and my stomach has been growling non-stop. It’s becoming embarrassing because my stomach is really loud. I’ve been pooping a lot as well…like 3-6 times a day and it’s pretty runny as well and not a lot. This is not normal for me either.

4 thoughts on “How can I stop bloating and a growling stomach?”

  1. Bloating and growling are usually caused by a build up of gas in your system. Gas occurs by eating foods that produce excess gas(broccoli, beans, etc.) or chewing a lot of gum(yes! gum pumps excess gas into your stomach).

    Bottom Line: Most things high in fiber will make you poop more and have more gas. Review your diet.

  2. What are you eating?

    If you are eating a lot of white carb/starchy foods, there is too much sugar in your blood stream and it’s not good for nutrition (digestion) it can create the irritation your having. Eat more complex carbs, foods high in fiber like wheat bread, sweet potatoes, and bananas for potassium this will help your body regulate its self. And also help give your waste a healthy less runny consistency.

    High complex fibers like wheats and grains and potassium help solidify your waste.

  3. You might try an anti-diarhetic, which will slow your body down and keep you from having a bowel movement for a while. These can be purchased over the counter and are completely safe to use.

    Your diet is probably causing the issues. For example, if you eat or drink sugar-free foods, diarhea-like symptoms are normal.

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