How can you tell the difference of bloating and fat?

In the stomach area. B/c I dont know if it’s bloating or I’m actually gaining weight
I’m at the end of my period

But if it’s bloating when does it usually happen the beginning, middle, or end of the period or all through it?
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3 thoughts on “How can you tell the difference of bloating and fat?”

  1. If you are bloated your stomach will feel hard and roundish.
    If it is fat…it is soft and squishy ( for lack of a better word ).

    Some people are bloated through the whole period. I think any bloating is usual. Drinking a lot of soda can really make a person feel bloated. I personally feel bloated more during the period than before or after.

    Hope this helps!

  2. all through unless theres something wrong i don’t think your gaining weight but i cant see you so who knows at that time

  3. If you’re bloated, you’ll feel that your stomach is a bit tight and if you tap it, it sounds hollow, like there’s just gas inside. (Sorry, can’t find better words to describe, but you get it, right?)

    This usually happens to me before and during my period. Then it flattens after. It’s horrible, I look like I’m pregnant.

    Drinking stuff with caffeine and salty food will make the bloating worse, so stay away from those.

    Hope I helped. 🙂

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