15 thoughts on “How do I relieve stomach pain/gas after eating bad Chinese food?”

  1. Try an antacid or bread and/or crackers to absorb and neutralize the gas. Bread or crackers/saltines usually work

  2. First of all, you should stop eating something if it makes u sick. Why would u keep eating it then?

    For tonight, try tums or zantac 75 and stay away from the Chinese food (should be common sense).

  3. You either don’t eat Chinese food anymore if keep you on getting bad gas and stomach pains, or take Bean-O or Gas-X.

  4. It can do that. I am not sure why. Some use a lot of MSG, a spice, which a lot of people have a intolerance to, if over done.
    I have the same issues, and have to be careful where I eat it. I try to make sure they don’t use it. For symptom relief, use tums, rolaids, or other meds for heartburn, and bloat.

  5. Don’t eat bad Chinese food ever again. Make sure you use a proper restaurant guide to help you pick a good Chinese restaurant. Me? I don’t care much for it. I do like shrimp fried rice though.

  6. Take a lemon. If possible take a piece of ginger and make its’ paste. Add a glass of warm water and lemon juice. Drink the mixture and you will feel ok in 10 mins.
    Not eating chinese food or spicy food of this sort seems good for you. Always prefer home made food. If you are a student find a inn giving such food. If nothing is possible then adjust.

  7. eat at a different chinese place. Try Beano and ASK IF THEY USE MSG!!!
    That could be whats causing all the problem

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