How to relieve heartburn and bloating when you are pregnant?

i’m 7 week pregnant now and have a bad morning sickness but the one that i can’t stand is the bloating and the heart burn sometimes it so painful that i can’t go to sleep. i’m so stress about right now since i want the pain to go away while i can’t drink any stomach acid medicine. is there any treatment that okay for me to consume right now that help to relief this burning pain ?

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  1. Also I had really bad heartburn when I was first preggo and I took tums, when I got sick of doing that I drank milk and it helped coat my tummy and fixed the burn a little bit. Idk if you can stomach milk but it helped me alot! I also would sleep propped up a little and then the burn in my throat would lessen while I was trying to sleep.

  2. the best way is to avoid acidic foods, and greasy foods. ask your doctor for a prescription that is safe during pregnancy also.

  3. when ur trying to sleep and u have heartburn try laying on ur left side, the pipes are curved and it doesnt affect you as badly as if you were laying on ur right side or on ur back

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