Learn About Stomach Bloating Causes To End Your Discomfort

Bloating is a rarely discussed problem that can be a serious medical issue.  Like many medical issues, people frequently side step the problem when discussing their health.  It can be embarrassing to even admit that you suffer from bloating, let alone go into details.  However, it is important that individuals don’t hesitate to have frank discussions about suffering from bloating with their doctors.  If you forget about the embarrassment and go ahead and have the conversation, you will likely learn information about stomach bloating causes that can help you solve your problem and beat the bloat.

There are many causes of bloating.  Most of the causes involve diet.  Frequently, people have sensitivities to a certain food or type of food and the ingesting of that food will ultimately cause bloating.  Because every person is different, everyone will experience bloating as a result of a different element of his or her diet.  If you suffer from bloating, consider some of the foods that frequently contribute to or exacerbate bloating and determine if any of them could be the culprit in your bloating.

One of the most common causes of stomach bloating is the intake of large quantities of carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates, or carbs as they are more commonly called, are found in large quantities in foods made with white flour.  Foods that contain large quantities of refined sugars are more likely to cause you to experience bloating.  If you think carbohydrates are contributing to your stomach bloating symptoms, try eating more whole grains and sticking to foods that are less refined.  Switching from white to wheat bread can do a great deal and could be the end to your problems.

There are certain foods that are notorious for causing intestinal distress.  Foods like broccoli, beans, cabbage, onions, and beer are frequently listed as causes of stomach bloating.  While for the most part healthy, these foods all contain elements that cause gas build up and resulting discomfort when ingested in large amounts.  If you find that you suffer from stomach bloating after ingesting a certain food, seek medication to control or prevent this bloating.

Dairy products can also greatly contribute to stomach bloating.  While not the case with everyone, individuals who are lactose intolerant are highly likely to suffer from bloating when they intake milk or other dairy products.   If you notice that you are experiencing bloating after you ingest dairy products, you may suffer from a mild case of lactose intolerance and may need to either eliminate dairy from your diet or look at ways to remedy the problem through medication.

One of the most frequently overlooked causes of stomach bloating is stress.  Stress is one of the few factors unrelated to diet which has been proven to increase bloating.  If you think that your stomach bloating may be triggered by stress, try to lighten your load a bit to alleviate some of the stress that is weighing down on you and causing you physical discomfort.

If you are looking to end your bloating, you may want to try some proven techniques.  Some simple things that an individual can do to reduce their bloating are engage in exercise and avoid preservatives in food.  Exercise has been shown to reduce bloating.  Experts believe that it is effective in reducing bloating because it speeds up an individuals metabolism and helps him or her better digest the food they consume.  Scientists have also found a link between bloating and taking in large quantities of preservatives.  These chemicals, which do not occur naturally in foods, have an impact on how effectively your body can digest the food you eat.

Stomach bloating is not something that people want to discuss.  It is an embarrassing and painful physical condition that many people suffer with in silence.  If you are a victim of bloating, consider the common stomach bloating causes and the ways in which you can reduce your stomach bloating.  Why continue to suffer?  Do something to end your pain today.

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