3 thoughts on “Severe gas, bloating and burping…please help!?”

  1. I have IBS (although its not diagnosed). I havent really been to the doctor about in although I should.. I frequently feel extreme bloating for days on end. It’s so saddening to me. Makes me want to just take a nap or watch tv. Dont give up! One day you may just overcome this! I know my friend has. She had it for 4 + years and until recently, it has finally stopped.

  2. Have you been checked for ulcers? You might have Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s disease… also, I imagine chronic GI problems could cause gas and bloating.

  3. Obviously, look at the medical scenarios.

    One thing to try is "food combining" and avoid eating too much refined sugar. Food combining talks about eating foods that can be more easily digested in combination. Some foods require acids, other foods require bases. Basic chemistry tells you that acids and bases neutralize each other. When you eat the wrong foods in combination, the food does not get digested properly. You can eat many small meals, so long as you wait until the previous meal is digested.

    Look up "food combining" on the Internet. The "Fit for Life" (Diamond) book is very popular (and simplistic), but it operates on correct principles.

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