Should I get the regular midol or teen?

I’m thinking about trying midol for the first time. I’m 16. I like how the complete midol promises relief from all the symptoms, but some people are saying that the caffeine makes them jittery/unable to sleep. Would I be better off getting the teen version? My main problems are lower back pain, cramps, bloating, and sometimes headache. I’m worried that the caffeine will make me crazy. What do you think? Experiences?

3 thoughts on “Should I get the regular midol or teen?”

  1. yes i agree, dont take anything with caffeine in it. although it does different things to different people, it certainly doesnt help menstrual cramps and it def. doesnt help if you take it at night, because of the caff. it may keep you up. i would try the regular kind or the extra strength, although with the extra strength since it is strong then you can only take one every 12hours(so no more than 2 every 24 hours)
    there is also midol pm, if you are worried about losing sleep b/c of your period, but be careful with that kind too, b/c you cant take no more than 2 b/c it makes you very sleepy.

  2. the regular midol would be better 4 u, u can drink water if ur worried about the caffeine make u crazy.

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