3 thoughts on “stomach issues, bloating gas, pain,?”

  1. Could be a million things; all I can do is tell you what happened to work for me, which is an important thing to tell, because doctors haven’t really got it yet that a lot of people can’t really digest wheat.

    I was one of those people who takes Prevacid or Prilosec every day and carries around Tums and is still in pain every day, sometimes incapacitating pain. My cousin has always had the same thing; we inherited it from our grandfather. I’ve spent thousands and thousands on prescriptions, doctor’s appointments, scopies of one kind or another, tests… no doctor ever told me to try to stop eating wheat gluten, but someone did tell my cousin that. They put her on an elimination diet, and when they eliminated wheat gluten, her symptoms disappeared. I knew it would work for me, and now it has been about five months, I’ve been symptom free.

    Wheat gluten is actually an adaptation "designed" to be undigestible so the plant can reproduce. Most people don’t have serious problems with it, but it isn’t the easiest thing for human guts to deal with. But for some people, it is a serious problem.

    So try elimination diets. Try going gluten-free. Try dairy-free.

    But as I said, could be a lot of things.

  2. You should call your doctor. Describe your symptoms. Make an appointment as soon as possible. If a doctor on this web site tells you to take a medication that is a Red Flag. No competent real doctor would advise you to take any medications with out doing a complete exam. I know of many medications that could help. But I am not qualified to advise you on the internet of what to take for medications. You have what seems to be obstructive bowel symptoms. Left unchecked you may end up requiring surgery. A worst case scenario. Best case a simple proscribed medication will help. Do not wait please. You deserve to be free of these symptoms with the proper medical attention. Good luck
    Peace and Serenity

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