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Why do I have Bloating and Mild Discomfort with Pressure on Lower Abdomen?

I’ve had bloating in the past but nothing like this. 3 weeks ago I had fast food and got diarrhea for 24 hrs. After that went away I have never been the same. I am always bloated ,especially after eating. I started having trouble with bowel movements recently. I have no bowel movements for 4 days now. The lower right side of my abdomen seems to be more sensitive at times, although not painful. I have taken peppermint and fennel tea and both help somewhat with relief, but I know something is not right. Today there is a lot of gas but I have no urge to make a bowel movement although I know its there. There is a lot of gurgling going on. The doctor said its acid reflux and gave me AciPhex but I don’t have heartburn and will not take the samples. My blood test came out normal. I have no medical history, male and am in late 30’s. I feel like my metabolism has totally stopped, as if I am no longer digesting food.
Should I be highly concerned or let this take its course without further medical attention?

Excessive gas production and bloating …?

i am suffering from Heart burn, excessive gas production with severe bloating and distension of abdomen with resulting difficulty in breathing after meals for last several years. I pass gas 50 to 60 times a day. All reports are normal, Domperidone/nexium gives just temporary relief. What should I do ?

Pain in legs hands back feet and tingling abdomen bloating nausea constipation?

My hands legs and back hurt all the time. I feel like I have the flu. My abdomen bloats after eating and I have had constipation for 3 months. I take a stool softner without relief. When I take a laxtive I have cramps and naseau. I have more hair loss than usual when shampooing. Itching and very dry skin even using lotion several time a day. I have a sore throat and earache on the left side. I am hoarse and have a cough. I am dizzy several times a day and lose my balance. I am forgetful and can not concentrate. I stay tired and sleepy. I am short of breath and have a cough.

Ovarian Cancer

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Stomach Pain?

My stomach started to hurt yesterday around dinner time… I ate dinner and I exercised. After a while, my stomach started to hurt. I don’t know why but like a dull pain stuck around until right now and I don’t know why stomach keeps hurting. I don’t think I ate anything wrong yestersday. I don’t have any other symptoms except my stomach pain. Pain extends all the way to my back next to my spinal cord. And I think the pain is directed mostly to my upper abdominal area. I just don’t have any appetite too. Ugh… Anybody dealing with the same thing or knows what is going on? Please help.. and Please don’t post rude answers because I’m seriously in pain and I want opinions as to what my pain is all about… Thanks..
are gallbladder stones or problems be possible even if I’m 15?
oh sorry.. i think it’s mostly on the upper regions of my abdomen and around the middle region..
and when I press on the region.. it hurts more when I’m pressing in..

Natural Acid Reflux Remedies

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Bloated Belly – 3 Reasons Behind A Bloated Belly

A bloated belly will make you feel uncomfortable and sometimes can be very painful.  Also, a bloated tummy can make the most confident person feel self conscious about themselves…especially when you cannot fit into your pants.   Stomach bloating can occur very quickly, and without any warning.

Bloating is, in very easy terminology, swelling that result from fluid or air. Any time it happens within the abdominal region, the trigger is most often intestinal tract gas, but you can find other culprits as well. Practically everyone will suffer from the outcomes of bloating every now and again in their life, either as a direct result of an intolerance to several foods substance, by their diet or in the way that they eat or drink. Right here are some from the reasons:

1. Numerous of the meals we consume these days are processed with several additives to enhance shelf life, taste, texture and general high quality from the foods. With numerous people weight conscious in the present culture, a large percentage of food items we buy are offered as sugar free. So that you can maintain the sweetness that makes particular popular treats like gum so desirable yet does not contain sugar, additives like sorbitol are added.

This additive, nevertheless, cannot be absorbed by the body. Sorbitol makes its way into the digestive system, ultimately arriving in the colon where several kinds of necessary bacteria reside. The sorbitol is broken down in the intestinal tract in a procedure called fermentation which in turn produces intestinal gas. The more sorbitol that’s ingested, the more gas is produced.

Exactly the same situation can be created by lactose, a milk glucose that’s discovered in numerous foods, especially dessert meals and dairy products. Lactose isn’t well tolerated by the physique, and is passed undigested to the colon where the break down of the substance is converted into gas. The gas infiltrates the gut, leading to a bloated belly that is unsightly.and uncomfortable to boot.

2. Your diet is also largely accountable for abdominal bloating. Gas is once again the reason behind stomach bloating, as foods that are eaten normally make digestion difficult due to their composition. Meals that are high in fiber are by nature gas creating, and should be introduced slowly into the diet so it can be better accepted by the body.

Many fruits and some vegetables have larger concentrations of organic sugar known as fructose and, when eaten in large quantities over a short time period, the fructose might not be broken down completely and pass through towards the colon wherever it ferments and creates excessive gasses.

Carbonated drinks, such as the popular soda pops and sparkling waters and spritzers are often the explanation behind a bloated belly with the average individual drinking at least one carbonated drink every day.

3. It ought to be unexpected that, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, that the majority of people don’t take the proper care when they consume food or drink. A frequent sight in today’s world is that of a commuter driving to work having a fast foods burger in one hand and a paper cup containing a soft drink within the other.

Scarfing down meals as fast as possible within short time frames are becoming more and more mainstream; this is usually accompanied by large quantities of air being swallowed together with the meal. This excessive air intake has nowhere to go, and quickly penetrates the abdominal area, bulging it out in bloat. Passing this air back again out of the body is the only relief from the pains that inevitably adhere to it.

The good news is always that it’s possible to prevent the discomfort and bloated belly feeling. Merely avoiding those foods containing the additives that create the discomfort, progressively adding fiber rich foods in your diet and getting the time to eat and drink in leisure will decrease the chance of gas accumulating within the gut, thereby getting rid of the dreaded bloating of the belly.

Learn About Stomach Bloating Causes To End Your Discomfort

Bloating is a rarely discussed problem that can be a serious medical issue.  Like many medical issues, people frequently side step the problem when discussing their health.  It can be embarrassing to even admit that you suffer from bloating, let alone go into details.  However, it is important that individuals don’t hesitate to have frank discussions about suffering from bloating with their doctors.  If you forget about the embarrassment and go ahead and have the conversation, you will likely learn information about stomach bloating causes that can help you solve your problem and beat the bloat.

There are many causes of bloating.  Most of the causes involve diet.  Frequently, people have sensitivities to a certain food or type of food and the ingesting of that food will ultimately cause bloating.  Because every person is different, everyone will experience bloating as a result of a different element of his or her diet.  If you suffer from bloating, consider some of the foods that frequently contribute to or exacerbate bloating and determine if any of them could be the culprit in your bloating.

One of the most common causes of stomach bloating is the intake of large quantities of carbohydrates.  Carbohydrates, or carbs as they are more commonly called, are found in large quantities in foods made with white flour.  Foods that contain large quantities of refined sugars are more likely to cause you to experience bloating.  If you think carbohydrates are contributing to your stomach bloating symptoms, try eating more whole grains and sticking to foods that are less refined.  Switching from white to wheat bread can do a great deal and could be the end to your problems.

There are certain foods that are notorious for causing intestinal distress.  Foods like broccoli, beans, cabbage, onions, and beer are frequently listed as causes of stomach bloating.  While for the most part healthy, these foods all contain elements that cause gas build up and resulting discomfort when ingested in large amounts.  If you find that you suffer from stomach bloating after ingesting a certain food, seek medication to control or prevent this bloating.

Dairy products can also greatly contribute to stomach bloating.  While not the case with everyone, individuals who are lactose intolerant are highly likely to suffer from bloating when they intake milk or other dairy products.   If you notice that you are experiencing bloating after you ingest dairy products, you may suffer from a mild case of lactose intolerance and may need to either eliminate dairy from your diet or look at ways to remedy the problem through medication.

One of the most frequently overlooked causes of stomach bloating is stress.  Stress is one of the few factors unrelated to diet which has been proven to increase bloating.  If you think that your stomach bloating may be triggered by stress, try to lighten your load a bit to alleviate some of the stress that is weighing down on you and causing you physical discomfort.

If you are looking to end your bloating, you may want to try some proven techniques.  Some simple things that an individual can do to reduce their bloating are engage in exercise and avoid preservatives in food.  Exercise has been shown to reduce bloating.  Experts believe that it is effective in reducing bloating because it speeds up an individuals metabolism and helps him or her better digest the food they consume.  Scientists have also found a link between bloating and taking in large quantities of preservatives.  These chemicals, which do not occur naturally in foods, have an impact on how effectively your body can digest the food you eat.

Stomach bloating is not something that people want to discuss.  It is an embarrassing and painful physical condition that many people suffer with in silence.  If you are a victim of bloating, consider the common stomach bloating causes and the ways in which you can reduce your stomach bloating.  Why continue to suffer?  Do something to end your pain today.

Causes of a Bloated Abdomen

Of the many health problems that individuals face, the problem of a bloated abdomen is one of the most common.  Nearly everyone has suffered from tightness or pain in their abdominal region at one point in time or another.  This pain can vary greatly from a minor annoyance to a crippling hindrance to daily activities.  If you find that you suffer from a bloated abdomen, you can likely relieve your symptoms by considering the possible causes and making some minor dietary changes.

The most common cause of a temporarily bloated gut is overeating.  It is highly common for individuals to feel a tightness or mild pain in their stomach if they have just over indulged.  This is particularly common if the individual has eaten an oily or high fat meal.  If this is the cause of your bloated distended abdomen, the solution is simple, just cut down on the quantity of the food you eat and make sure that the food you are eating is high quality and nutritious.

Another common cause of a bloating in the abdomen is the presence of a digestive disorder.  It is possible for an individual to have a mild allergic reaction to a food that they ingest, and then for this reaction to manifest itself as bloating or stomach irritation.  Be cognizant of the food that you eat immediately before you start to feel the development of a bloating in your stomach.  If you find that your bloating begins, it is likely the result of a digestive disorder and will almost certainly stop if you cease eating the offending food.

A less common and more serious cause of bloating is intestinal parasites.  These are much more common in other parts of the world where poor hygiene and unclean food supplies lead to the introduction of parasites into the body.  However, it is possible for an individual living in a relatively clean environment to come into contact with an intestinal parasite and for this parasite to invade and wreak havoc on their digestive system.  If your bloating symptoms are continuous and severe, contact a doctor to make sure that you are not suffering from a more serious underlying health problem.

A final, potentially dangerous factor that can produce or contribute to bloating is constipation.  Constipation is the bodies inability to properly dispose of solid waste.  If you suffer from constipation, you will almost certainly experience a bloating in your abdomen.  Constipation is a potentially dangerous health disorder that many individuals suffer with in silence because discussing it can be potentially embarrassing.  If you suffer from constipation, seek help to remedy the issue.  Avoiding the topic could lead to the development of further health problems.

Bloating is a very common problem.  In general, individuals eat quickly and ingest large quantities of unhealthy foods.  If you frequently find that you have a bloated abdomen, you need to consider the possible causes and potential solutions to your problem.  Bloating, while common, is not inevitable.  You can put a stop to your bloating and reclaim your physical comfort.

How Does Alcohol and Bloating Relate To Each Other?

Excessive alcohol consumption can have a major impact on your health. For years, doctors have warned that individuals who choose to consume alcohol should do so in moderation. The impact that alcohol can have on an individual’s health can be severe and long lasting. Consumption of alcohol in excess can not only impact your internal health but also your external appearance.

There is a strong correlation between alcohol and bloating. Consuming alcohol in excessive quantities can lead to temporary bloating of the face, or long term bloating of the belly. Alcohol normally contains large quantities of wheat and grain products. These products lead to the creation of gas in the stomach and large intestines. When this gas becomes trapped, it creates a bloated belly. While at times just uncomfortable, this alcohol related bloating can be very noticeable as well. Everyone has seen men who sport “beer bellies”. This type of abdominal distension is caused by the impact that excessive alcohol consumption has on your digestive system.

Along with creating gas related bloating, alcohol can cause bloating that can be attributed to weight gain. Alcohol contains many empty calories. It is common for individuals who drink heavily not to realize how many calories they are taking into their system by imbibing their favorite alcoholic brew.

Along with increasing bloating and weight gain, alcohol can also have other undesirable effects on an individual’s physical appearance. Conditions such as broken veins, excessive reddening of the skin, dry skin, bloodshot eyes, and even bruising have all been connected to excessive consumption of alcohol.

Alcohol consumption in excess can also leave an individual reeking from alcohol. Alcohol leaves the body through urine, sweat, or even through your breath. If you drink enough alcohol, this smell can secrete from your body even hours after you took your last sip.

The connection between alcohol and bloating along with alcohol and physical appearance deterioration are things that many people do not take into consideration. All too frequently, people engage in the practice of excessive alcohol consumption and do not consider the fact that this consumption will impact their physical appearance.

The effects of alcohol can at times be irreversible. The next time you decide to engage in a bout of binge drinking, consider the impact that this activity will have on your looks. Alcohol and bloating go hand in hand. If you don’t care about what alcohol is doing to your insides, maybe you will care about the visible effects that excessive drinking can have on your body.

Many people enjoy the taste and effect of an alcoholic beverage from time to time. When alcohol consumption becomes a problem is when it becomes excessive. Alcohol consumption can lead to flaws in your physical appearance and serious health issues. If your thinking that there might be a connection between alcohol and bloating in your diet, reduce or even better eliminate your alcohol consumption.

Bloating Cures

Why Severe Bloating Occurs and What You Can Do About It

Abdominal distension sounds like a serious disorder.  If a doctor told you that you were suffering from abdominal distension, would you be concerned?  In truth, you most likely have suffered from this insidious sounding disorder at one point in time.  Abdominal distension is the medical term for severe bloating; a disorder that frequently plagues many adults.

Severe bloating occurs when the digestive system is overrun with gases.  At time, excess gas build up occurs because of a digestive system malfunction.  At other times, the foods you eat can lead to the production of excess gas.

There are a variety of things that may be contributing to your bloating.   Being aware of the common causes of abdominal distension is an important step in combating the problem of serious bloating symptoms.  If you find that you are frequently bloated and gassy, consider your diet and the impact that the things you ingest on a daily basis may have on your digestive health.

The first steps you can take in combating bloating don’t involve what you eat, but instead how you eat.  If you engage in eating practices that allow excess air into your digestive system, you are likely to experience bloating.  If you are seeking ways to combat your bloating, try slowing down as you eat.  Rapid eating is more likely to introduce air into your digestive system.  Also avoid talking while you eat.  Opening your mouth while you chew allows air to mix with your food and naturally results in you taking in more air.

After you consider how you eat, you need to take into account what you eat.  When trying to determine what is causing your bloating, nutritionally unsound foods are likely culprits.  Foods high in fat or cholesterol are not easily digested and can lead digestive malfunction, which will result in bloating and gas.  In addition, highly processed food or foods that are high in sugar cannot be easily broken down by the digestive system and can lead to bloating.

If you frequently experience severe heartburn bloating, try to determine which particular foods or food types you eat immediately before you bloating symptoms begin.  You can easily end your bloating troubles by eliminating problem foods from you diet.  Remember, if your body can’t digest the food properly it will lead to bloating and abdominal discomfort.

Other unhealthy habits can contribute to the malfunction of your digestive system.  Drug use, smoking, and alcohol consumption all have an indirect impact on your digestive system and can lead to bloating.  When you take unhealthy pathogens into your body, it has an impact on your body’s natural balance and leads to the disruption of normal body processes including digestion.  There are many health related reasons to discontinue the use of drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol.  Severe and chronic bloating is just one of the ill effects of these unhealthy practices.

The human body is an intricate machine.  Too often, we don’t appreciate the precarious balance that needs to be maintained in order for body processes to occur properly.  Be sure to consider the impact that the things you take into your body may have on your body’s ability to perform its normal functions.  If you suffer from severe bloating, adjust your habits and keep current of the various bloating cures available to end your distress.