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Constant stomach pain after eating an apple?

I ate an apple about two hours ago and my stomach since then has hurt. It’s just a pain that won’t go away, it doesn’t go away and then come back, it just stays the same. I feel like I am extremely bloated and the ache is right below my belly button. I am allergic to apples, my lips get very itchy, am I having an allergic reaction to the apple?

Girl with very bloated stomach.

This is me bloating my stomach with water. Includes sucking in my stomach and stomach pains. The before shot shows my belly completely empty and the after shots show my belly with 3 litres of water inside it! 2 of the 3 litres were drank slowly over a few hours and the final litre was chugged right before filming. Sorry it’s not that long – my bladder was feeling pretty painful aswell. I woke up in the night with stomach pain and filmed this aswell. Also at the end of this video is a recording of the noises my stomach was making in the night.

What can I do to relieve stomach pain?

I started taking Paxil about 2 weeks ago. The pharmacy gave me the generic version, and they are round white tablets. Ever since then, I’ve been having stomach pain that I think is coming from the Paxil. Has anyone else had this problem? It’s a gnawing ache in my stomach, and is a little better when I take the pill with food. Is there anything I can do to stop this because I want to keep taking the Paxil?