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Maintaining good digestive health

Learn tips for choosing foods that aid in healthy digestion, and see how exercise plays a role. This segment is part of Blue Shield of California’s “Good to Know” health series. www.blueshieldca.com

Dr. Erika Schwartz discusses how to cure IBS

www.drerika.com | How does one cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS? Dr. Erika Schwartz has some radical opinions on IBS. She believes IBS is BS! Rather than accepting a diagnoses of IBS consider what you are putting in your mouth. The reason this disease is being diagnosed is because of the SAD (Standard American Diet) that most people consume on a daily basis. Before you accept a life sentence of IBS take a close look at your diet. Is it full of fresh raw ingredients? Or are you eating fried salty fatty foods?

LecSmart / Tummy Ache / Upset Stomach / Stomach Pain / Gastric Distress

Introducing LecSmart™ — A Revolutionary Product for Definitive Treatment of Gastric Ailments The Challenge The human stomach is in trouble. Until about twenty years ago, it was thought that chronic indigestion (such as gastritis) and stomach ulcers were the result of too much stress or too much spicy food in the diet. However, it is now well understood that these, and related, gastric problems are largely the result of a type of bacteria that, remarkably, can colonize and flourish in the highly acidic environment of the stomach. Helicobacter pylori is the culprit, and it is highly infectious, communicable, and tenacious. Two-thirds of humanity have been infected; in the US, the figure is somewhat lower but, at 50%, is very substantial.