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How to relieve bloating during period?

Is there any natural remedy for relieving bloating during my period? I have tried drinking lots of water, taking Midol and Tylenol, even diuretics and nothing is helping. My tummy just hurts all the time. Any suggestions?
I have tried avoiding caffeine and salty foods. I also have tried taking hot baths – I find that the heat helps cramping and back pain too.

What are my stomach pain & cramps and back pain when I swallow food symptoms of?

I had ask a similar question before but I think wasn’t clear enough. In the last 5 days I started to get stomach pain & cramps and sharp back pain when I swallow food. Taking a sip of water helps with the feeling like the food is getting stuck. The pain only occurs when the food is being swallow, and not after I eat. I think its getting better with time but I’m not if it go away. I think I will see a doctor soon, but someone online told me most likely all the doctor will do is schedule me for testing a another week. I really want to know what are symptoms of since none of my symtoms don’t match any illness 100%.