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Isotonix OPC 3 – Market America

www.marketlifechange.com Isotonix OPC-3 is an isotonic-capable food supplement that is made from a combination of bilberry, grape seed, red wine, pine bark extracts and citrus extract bioflavonoids, all found to be potent antioxidants. Primary Benefits are Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels, Helps maintain healthy circulation by strengthening capillaries, arteries and veins, Helps maintain joint flexibility, Helps promote cardiovascular health, Helps reduce mild menstrual cramping and abdominal pain. This product can be purchased at www.marketlifechange.com.

Natural Acid Reflux Remedies

www.MeTheDoctor.com — Natural Acid Reflux Remedies The resulting pain of digestive disorders, such as acid reflux, can be all consuming to us. We fear even hearing some of the names of these disorders. We no longer need to treat acid reflux with such temporary treatments as antacids and other medications. There are natural ways to stop the burning, and interrupted sleep you experience because of an acid reflux attack. We have given you a resource to find this information, now the rest is up to you. Visit us today at: www.MeTheDoctor.com