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What is the best type of midol?

Yes. That time of the month is simply unbearable for me. I’ve tried lots of things, but everyone says Midol works the best. I noticed there were many different kind of it :
Midol PM
Midol Teen ( I’m 17 so I’m not sure if I want that )
Midol Complete
Midol Extended relief
and Midol Liquid Gels

I was just curious as to what people like the best? Especially for cramps and bloating.

Should I get the regular midol or teen?

I’m thinking about trying midol for the first time. I’m 16. I like how the complete midol promises relief from all the symptoms, but some people are saying that the caffeine makes them jittery/unable to sleep. Would I be better off getting the teen version? My main problems are lower back pain, cramps, bloating, and sometimes headache. I’m worried that the caffeine will make me crazy. What do you think? Experiences?

IBS……is there relief?

i went to the doctor yesterday morning with servere cramping and ….was given miralox, a pain med, and an anti bactaria med.

the xray didn’t show any fecal…..and my tummy isn’t hard with waste

eight hours later……no relief, i had to go to the ER for the same cramps….

today is sunday…..still cramps…i am going to the doc. tomorrow…

sat. morning i had diarrhea….then servere cramps with no bowel movement……NOTHING….just cramps, some bloating, and some nausea.

could this be IBS?……i’ve always had irreguluar bm.

and……….is there any relief from the cramping……….it is so painful…i have to work and go to school and live my life……

Is it ok to take black cohosh for periods if i am a teenager? please answer?

Black Cohosh is supposed to be used for menopause symptoms relief, but can i use it for period pain like cramps, stomach upset, bloating etc? I’m 15 years old, so will this be detrimental to my ‘womanly’ health? Also i can’t find any other pain killers so this is my only option.

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Can someone please help me with a question about Midol and Ibuprofen?

Hi, I use medications with ibuprofen like Motrin and Advil to deal with cramps. However, I have recently noticed that I suffer from quite a bit of bloating also so I’m thinking about switching to Midol which is also supposed to help with bloat and fatigue. One thing I’ve noticed about Midol is that it does not use ibuprofen for pain relief, it uses something called Acetaminophen. Anyway I usually take 1 or 2 200 mg of ibuprofen to deal with the pain but Midol uses 500 mg of Acetaminophen for each gelcap. Does anyone know if the two drugs have equal pain relieving power? Thanks, your answers are much appreciated.
I did say I’m planning on switching to Midol not taking both and I’ve gone to Midol.com but I’m trying to find out if ibuprophen and acetaminophen have equal pain relieving power or do you have to take more or less.

Pain in legs hands back feet and tingling abdomen bloating nausea constipation?

My hands legs and back hurt all the time. I feel like I have the flu. My abdomen bloats after eating and I have had constipation for 3 months. I take a stool softner without relief. When I take a laxtive I have cramps and naseau. I have more hair loss than usual when shampooing. Itching and very dry skin even using lotion several time a day. I have a sore throat and earache on the left side. I am hoarse and have a cough. I am dizzy several times a day and lose my balance. I am forgetful and can not concentrate. I stay tired and sleepy. I am short of breath and have a cough.

What are my stomach pain & cramps and back pain when I swallow food symptoms of?

I had ask a similar question before but I think wasn’t clear enough. In the last 5 days I started to get stomach pain & cramps and sharp back pain when I swallow food. Taking a sip of water helps with the feeling like the food is getting stuck. The pain only occurs when the food is being swallow, and not after I eat. I think its getting better with time but I’m not if it go away. I think I will see a doctor soon, but someone online told me most likely all the doctor will do is schedule me for testing a another week. I really want to know what are symptoms of since none of my symtoms don’t match any illness 100%.