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Is dark green diarrhea and stomach pain associated with Trazodone?

I went to the doctor last week, and she prescribed me Trazodone to help me sleep. It wasn’t until just a few days ago I started having stomach pain, like someone was stabbing me, and dark green diarrhea, 99% liquid. I looked at different websites and haven’t been able to link the two, so I was wondering if anyone would know?

Gurgling and Abdominal Pain and Bloating?

Four years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease after being admitted by emergency room officials with an intestinal blockage. I have never had any of the symptoms of Crohn’s like diarrhea and often feel I have been misdiagnosed or something else is wrong too. I am only 20, but I always feel fatigued and older than I am.

After every meal, loud gurgling noises come from my lower abdominal area, and usually, it feels like pressure is released, and only then do I feel relief. The noises are embarrassing, and the discomfort is expected. My gastroenterologist has given me medications for IBS, Crohn’s, and acid reflux, and none of them seem to be doing the trick.

It has to be something with my diet. Different foods cause different effects to the bloating and discomfort. I just don’t know what is triggering it exactly. I have seen enough specialists, and they all immediately jump to IBS, but these medications do not help.

4 colonoscopies have not been able to detect anything new so who knows. Please let me know of any diet changes that I may want to try.

IBS……is there relief?

i went to the doctor yesterday morning with servere cramping and ….was given miralox, a pain med, and an anti bactaria med.

the xray didn’t show any fecal…..and my tummy isn’t hard with waste

eight hours later……no relief, i had to go to the ER for the same cramps….

today is sunday…..still cramps…i am going to the doc. tomorrow…

sat. morning i had diarrhea….then servere cramps with no bowel movement……NOTHING….just cramps, some bloating, and some nausea.

could this be IBS?……i’ve always had irreguluar bm.

and……….is there any relief from the cramping……….it is so painful…i have to work and go to school and live my life……

Why do I have Bloating and Mild Discomfort with Pressure on Lower Abdomen?

I’ve had bloating in the past but nothing like this. 3 weeks ago I had fast food and got diarrhea for 24 hrs. After that went away I have never been the same. I am always bloated ,especially after eating. I started having trouble with bowel movements recently. I have no bowel movements for 4 days now. The lower right side of my abdomen seems to be more sensitive at times, although not painful. I have taken peppermint and fennel tea and both help somewhat with relief, but I know something is not right. Today there is a lot of gas but I have no urge to make a bowel movement although I know its there. There is a lot of gurgling going on. The doctor said its acid reflux and gave me AciPhex but I don’t have heartburn and will not take the samples. My blood test came out normal. I have no medical history, male and am in late 30’s. I feel like my metabolism has totally stopped, as if I am no longer digesting food.
Should I be highly concerned or let this take its course without further medical attention?

Dr Whiting on Indigestion, Heartburn, and Acid Reflux

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Enough Gas To Get to Buffalo? Digestive Distress (Dr. Bud Tarreto)

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What could be the reason for my stomach pain?

A little embarrassing but I have to ask someone. For a couple of nights I have been awaken by strong stomach ache and diarrhea. My stomach hurts much that I have not been getting any sleep lately because it is such a torture to try falling asleep with that much of pain.

I have not changed my diet recently ( usually breakfast, lunch and dinner and plenty of water). anyone else experienced anything similar?

Keeping a Food Diary Won’t Cure Your IBS

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Dr. Erika Schwartz discusses how to cure IBS

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Natural Acid Reflux Remedies

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