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Is dark green diarrhea and stomach pain associated with Trazodone?

I went to the doctor last week, and she prescribed me Trazodone to help me sleep. It wasn’t until just a few days ago I started having stomach pain, like someone was stabbing me, and dark green diarrhea, 99% liquid. I looked at different websites and haven’t been able to link the two, so I was wondering if anyone would know?

how long before miralax works to get relief?

ok so ive been having constipation for a few days now. all it takes is 1 time eating out and that stops me up. anyways last nite i had a bloated stomach and had the taste of vomit in my mouth but nothing came up, i hate vomitting. i know im constipated pretty bad cuz i was up all nite trying to go and nothing. today i went to get laxatives and miralax, benefiber.. how effective is miralax? ive never taken it before

What is happening to me!? Bloating, shortness of breath and fatigue?

Long story short, I had a stomachache a year ago that lasted for a few days but my stomach was left bloated up to now! Throughout the year I’ve been having difficulty breathing, fatigue, and my digestion feels weakening.

I’ve been to conventional and naturopathic doctors, chiroprator, had colonics and anti-fungals, but found no relief. Please, help!

Thanks in advance.

My stomach is bloated, what can I use for relief?

I have been on a gain weight diet. I originally lost 20 lbs, but now I want to gain 10 of it back. I have been working out, running, walking, blah blah blah, and everythings seems to working find, except one thing. My stomach. I had a child 3 years ago and still had a slight pouch there, but not sloppy or noticable. But lately, with the change in eating and exercising that I have been doing, consistently!! Now my stomach is bloated. I have not been to the bathroom, properly, in a few days now. I want to clean out my stomach, but dont want the discomfort that comes along with it, plus I still have to be able to go to work and do my every day routine. Can anyone help me out with a site or brand to use? I would really appreiciate it.

What is the name of my condition? Severe stomach pain when hungry?

Basically I developed this condition a few years back, but it’ve grown increasing worst recently. Everytime I’m hungry my stomach would start cramping, the pain has become unbearable in the past few days. Feels like I just got punched in the kidney. Eating would ease the pain.
Anyone know the name of this condition and what could happen if it’s left untreated?

What should I take for menstrual bloating?

What is the best thing to take/do for bloating during your menstrual cycle. Does Midol work, is there something better? Please give me your personal experience and what has worked best for you. Also, I’m usually bloated the week before my period starts and then during the first half of my period but the last few days and the following week I’m skinnier than usal (if that makes sense) is that normal?