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What causes my constant stomach pain?

I have been to doctors for months, they have all come to the conclusion that I have ulcers. The ulcer medication does help a bit, but the burning pain comes back and is on the left and right side of my stomach. The occasion bloody stool is involved. I haven’t had a beer in months and I’m in a fraternity please help me figure this out.

Bloated Beer Gut Frat Boys 7

I love to see straight young college jocks lifting their shirts and rubbing each other’s growing gut. It seems to be the latest trend on the college campus. Bloating bellies with beer bongs to expand the gut. Encouragers push the skinny jocks to drink more and fill up their gut till it sticks out like a balloon ready to bust. Summer time is best because the hot frat guys usually party nearly naked and take pictures of each other, probably so they can go home and fantasize about their buddy and his fat bloated belly.