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What does my husbands stomach pain mean?

He went to the hospital and had a sonogram and found nothing was wrong with his gallbladder even though he fit all the symtoms. The doctors say they cannot find anything wrong. But he is also sick to his stomach! I am so fusterated because he is in pain all the time! He is dizzy and weak. He never had the best of health, and I am getting worried. Can anyone help me?

Stomach Pain?

My stomach started to hurt yesterday around dinner time… I ate dinner and I exercised. After a while, my stomach started to hurt. I don’t know why but like a dull pain stuck around until right now and I don’t know why stomach keeps hurting. I don’t think I ate anything wrong yestersday. I don’t have any other symptoms except my stomach pain. Pain extends all the way to my back next to my spinal cord. And I think the pain is directed mostly to my upper abdominal area. I just don’t have any appetite too. Ugh… Anybody dealing with the same thing or knows what is going on? Please help.. and Please don’t post rude answers because I’m seriously in pain and I want opinions as to what my pain is all about… Thanks..
are gallbladder stones or problems be possible even if I’m 15?
oh sorry.. i think it’s mostly on the upper regions of my abdomen and around the middle region..
and when I press on the region.. it hurts more when I’m pressing in..