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Bloating, hiatus hernia, gastroperesis, candida – at my wits end?


I’ve been experiencing bloating for almost 2 years now, the symptoms seem to come and go from time to time and are definitely worse when I’m feeling stressed out or not getting my 8 hours of sleep. Oddly, eating actually brings temporary relief (which should rule out gastroperesis, I think), and a large meal can bring even longer relief. The bloating seems to occur within 45 minutes to several hours depending on the size of the meal and doesn’t seem to be related to the type of foods I eat – even an apple in the morning will produce bloating within say 45 minutes. Burping seems to provide temporary relief but there always seem to be more gas where the last burp came from and after several burps it just get "stuck". I am insulin-resistant so that could also be a case for gastroperesis?

I’m being treated for GERD-induced asthma, a mild form of asthma that seems to be mostly exercise-induced. I’ve been on a proton-pump inhibitor for 2 months with little relief so far (and a cortisone inhaler for the asthma). The breathing issues however seem however to be mostly related to the bloating and my symptoms seem similar to Hiatus Hernia.

A spiritual healer told me that she "intuited" that I have a Candida problem, but I’m a kind of skeptical guy and I did take a 7 week broad-spectrum anti-fungal course to no avail. The other possibility from what I’ve read is a distended colon or a slow emptying stomach or something to that effect – I do feel kinda bloated further down in the intestinal region as well at times but I am pretty regular. I’ve just taken 2 anti-spasmodics and they don’t seem to have helped in the least.

I’m running out of ideas. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Just went to the doctor and he has scheduled me for a gastroscopy to check for an ulcer. Apparently the fact that eating alleviates the bloating is a sign of an ulcer rather than a sign of the other diseases I mentioned. I’ll keep this question updated for others who might have a similar plight.