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How to relieve heartburn and bloating when you are pregnant?

i’m 7 week pregnant now and have a bad morning sickness but the one that i can’t stand is the bloating and the heart burn sometimes it so painful that i can’t go to sleep. i’m so stress about right now since i want the pain to go away while i can’t drink any stomach acid medicine. is there any treatment that okay for me to consume right now that help to relief this burning pain ?

Bloating, gas, nausea… can anything be done??

I’m not talking in general, I’m talking right now to ease my 3 am misery. I’m 14 weeks pregnant and had leftover spinach enchiladas for dinner (a bad call in retrospect). Now I’m so bloated that wearing pants (even stretchy sweats) is painful. It’s awful! And in addition to this, I’ve got a little heart burn and nausea. I understand these are just general discomforts of pregnancy, but gosh does it suck! Is there anything anyone can recommend for immediate relief?