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www.YeastInfectionCandida.Net Male Yeast Infection Symptoms and Common Cures Some of the common symptoms of male yeast infection include bad breath, constipation, bloating, frequent intestinal gas, indigestion, runny stool, sexual dysfunction, moodiness and irritability, lack of energy, memory loss, flaky dry itchy skin, jock itch, athlete feet and problems related to the prostate. Sound familiar? Because, for most guys this covers one thing or another! Most guys are in the habit of eating lots of red meats, sweets, pastas, and chips. All these items contribute to male yeast infections and will likely feed it until you notice the infection with far worse symptoms than you had previously. In order to cure the male yeast infection, you must follow some strict instructions. First is your sugar intake as it has to be controlled. Secondly, you must avoid consuming foods containing yeast, soy foods, dairy, tuna, shellfish, swordfish, fructose, aspartame, and trans-fats. This ensures that you’re not feeding the yeast you’re trying to get rid of. Eating more white meat and vegetables is preferable over pork and beef. Also make it a point to drink more water each day. As a matter of fact, simply drinking more water daily can cure male yeast infection in a while too, but you must ensure that you drink pure and chlorine free water. Vinegar can be one of the leading natural remedies of all yeast and fungal infections. Apple cider vinegar should be considered first. http

What is Candida? Natural Cures

my.cleanprogram.com John Rosania interviews Donna Perrone, colon hydro-therapist and co-founder of Gravity East Village about everything Candida related. Candida – What is it? – What are the friendly and un-friendly bacteria? – What is mircoflora and how are these critters are essential for digestion? Unbalanced Microflora and Candidiasis – What creates it and disturbs this delicate balance? – how candida can be in our gut or become systemic (rosacae, toenail fugues, dandruff, thrush, bloating and gas, foggy brain, itchy feeling or a rash) – the symptoms of candidiasis Strategies to Deal with Candidais Donna describes some ways to overcome this health challenge – stool test can be given by Doctor to confirm candidiasis – Repopulate intestine with probiotic – Alkaline the blood PH – reduce acidic foods like red meat and dairy – reduce or remove sugar (including fruit) for a period of time – colonics Yeast Infections while Cleansing – Donna explains some of the causes (dumping of toxins, morbid internal environment increased while cleansing) – how candida excretes waste that irritates the body and could increase allergies – Donna describes how candida die-off can been seen during a colonic Contact Info Donna’s email perroned1@verizon.net gravityeastvillage.com donnaperrone.com