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Maintaining good digestive health

Learn tips for choosing foods that aid in healthy digestion, and see how exercise plays a role. This segment is part of Blue Shield of California’s “Good to Know” health series. www.blueshieldca.com

Enough Gas To Get to Buffalo? Digestive Distress (Dr. Bud Tarreto)

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What specific foods should you stay away from when suffering from bloating, gas and occasion diarrhea?

My daughter is 13 and suffers from, what I believe to be, an Irritable Bowel Syndrome. She has frequent bouts of terrible gas and I would like to know what foods to eliminate from her daily diet. I have already spoke to our family doctor but she didn’t offer much relief except to take her to a specialist which I am doing. In the meantime, any helpful advice would be greatly appecriated. Thank you. :0)

IBS Eliminated – Cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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