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Treating Functional Abdominal Pain

9% of children suffer from a condition known as functional abdominal pain. Dr. John Campo at Nationwide Children’s Hospital is looking for ways to treat this unique and often misunderstood condition. Possible treatments being explored, include cognitive behavioral therapy and medications, like Citalopram, which control serotonin levels.

Digestive Disorders

www.drstevenross.com. Upset stomach? Bloating, gas, nausea, diarrhea and constipation may be as a result of “dysbiosis”, an imbalance of your good to bad bacteria. It could also be as a result of parasites and other nasty pathogens. Dr. Steven Ross explains how finding the “root cause” to your digestive troubles isn’t that difficult. And in many cases, the cure does not have to include dangerous drugs. For more information, visit www.drstevenross.com. Brought to you by Curing The Cause and Preventing Disease. A subsidary of www.drstevenross.com.