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Should I get the regular midol or teen?

I’m thinking about trying midol for the first time. I’m 16. I like how the complete midol promises relief from all the symptoms, but some people are saying that the caffeine makes them jittery/unable to sleep. Would I be better off getting the teen version? My main problems are lower back pain, cramps, bloating, and sometimes headache. I’m worried that the caffeine will make me crazy. What do you think? Experiences?

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What could this unbearable stomach pain be?

I’ve been getting lower stomach pain and its unbearable, I can’t even stand up or move because it hurts so much. I thought it could be period pain but I normally only get lower back pain on my period and my periods not due for another 2 weeks. What else could it be?
The pain is all over and it has put me of eating so I havn’t eaten. I havn’t got a fever though and I’m not vomiting. Thanks for your answers.