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How to relieve heartburn and bloating when you are pregnant?

i’m 7 week pregnant now and have a bad morning sickness but the one that i can’t stand is the bloating and the heart burn sometimes it so painful that i can’t go to sleep. i’m so stress about right now since i want the pain to go away while i can’t drink any stomach acid medicine. is there any treatment that okay for me to consume right now that help to relief this burning pain ?

How to get rid of stomach pain?

I irritated my stomach with vomiting, because some medicine was not agreeing with me. I was getting up nauseate. Then my stomach got irritated from the vomiting. I tried to eat but the food would not stay down, so I ate light. I ate broth and crackers and then I ate the chicken noodle soup. Soon as I ate the chicken noodle soup, I got a fullness near my diaphragm area or upper stomach. The Nexium is not helping at this time. I started feeling that pain in my upper stomach.
What to do?

Heavy bloating in Upper Stomach, please advise?

Hi All,
I am 22 weeks by now. from 1 month I am suffering with bloated stomach but doesn’t have any pain (very little sometime).
From 3 days my stomach not giving relief from bloating and looks like 9th month stomach (only upper one). I feel moments in lower stomach. I went to doctor and said to try some Gas and Constipation medicine, but I don’t see any difference yet.
Does anyone had the same thing? please advise what should I do?
I am really worried, and I feel baby can’t move in upper stomach as it is bloated and very hard to. and I am taking very small amounts of foods in every 2-3 hrs gap and taking lots of fluids. but no change.

Another problem is if I walk my stomach is getting more hard and bloat. and I am sleeping on my left side.

Please advise, Thanks

What is the best way to cure stomach pain?

My stomach hurts so bad. I try medicine and it doesn’t work. I want to get rid of the pain and I have to go to school tomorrow. I never missed a day in the 9th grade and this might be my first absent. It hurts really bad. I try using the restroom to do number 2 but that doesnt seem to be the probelm. Please tell me the best way to cure the pain fast. I will give you 10 points.

Herbal Medicine & Home Remedies : How to Use Ginger Root

Ginger root can be used to alleviate gas, bloating and other digestive discomfort, and a tea is easily prepared from the fresh or dry fruit. Learn about ginger root’s use to alleviate morning sickness with help from a certified herbal information specialist in this free video on herbalism and alternative medicine.

Ovarian Cancer

www.MeTheDoctor.com — Ovarian Cancer — The Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer There are many uncomfortable symptoms associated with ovarian cancer. One of the most common symptoms that a female may experience when she has issues with her ovaries is cysts. Ovarian cysts may cause extreme levels of pain and discomfort. They may also result in abnormal vaginal bleeding. Other symptoms include, but are not limited to: feeling an intense degree of pressure in the abdomen, bloating, feeling urgency when it comes to urination, nausea, vomiting, and gastrointestinal complications. If you want to prevent ovarian cancer, or would like to reduce the amount of time that you spend suffering from ovarian cysts, you will benefit from the information that we have for you. You may acquire it at: www.MeTheDoctor.com

Managing abdominal pain in kids and teens

Lynn Walker PhD, is Professor of Pediatrics, and Director, Division of Adolescent Medicine at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Dr. Walker is a behavioral scientist, clinician, and educator. Here she discusses strategies for helping families and children or adolescents deal with managing chronic pain conditions that affect the bowel such as IBS or IBD. Managing pain, going to school, dealing with bathroom issues, and explaining what is wrong to peers are all challenging issues that confront the patient and the family.

Natural Acid Reflux Remedies

www.MeTheDoctor.com — Natural Acid Reflux Remedies The resulting pain of digestive disorders, such as acid reflux, can be all consuming to us. We fear even hearing some of the names of these disorders. We no longer need to treat acid reflux with such temporary treatments as antacids and other medications. There are natural ways to stop the burning, and interrupted sleep you experience because of an acid reflux attack. We have given you a resource to find this information, now the rest is up to you. Visit us today at: www.MeTheDoctor.com