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Natural Heartburn Remedy – Nutralize

Nutralize is a safe, fast, and effective natural heartburn remedy featuring all natural and organic ingredients such as manuka honey and apple cider vinegar.

How to get rid of stomach pain?

I irritated my stomach with vomiting, because some medicine was not agreeing with me. I was getting up nauseate. Then my stomach got irritated from the vomiting. I tried to eat but the food would not stay down, so I ate light. I ate broth and crackers and then I ate the chicken noodle soup. Soon as I ate the chicken noodle soup, I got a fullness near my diaphragm area or upper stomach. The Nexium is not helping at this time. I started feeling that pain in my upper stomach.
What to do?

Excessive gas production and bloating …?

i am suffering from Heart burn, excessive gas production with severe bloating and distension of abdomen with resulting difficulty in breathing after meals for last several years. I pass gas 50 to 60 times a day. All reports are normal, Domperidone/nexium gives just temporary relief. What should I do ?

LecSmart / Tummy Ache / Upset Stomach / Stomach Pain / Gastric Distress

Introducing LecSmart™ — A Revolutionary Product for Definitive Treatment of Gastric Ailments The Challenge The human stomach is in trouble. Until about twenty years ago, it was thought that chronic indigestion (such as gastritis) and stomach ulcers were the result of too much stress or too much spicy food in the diet. However, it is now well understood that these, and related, gastric problems are largely the result of a type of bacteria that, remarkably, can colonize and flourish in the highly acidic environment of the stomach. Helicobacter pylori is the culprit, and it is highly infectious, communicable, and tenacious. Two-thirds of humanity have been infected; in the US, the figure is somewhat lower but, at 50%, is very substantial.