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Why do I have Bloating and Mild Discomfort with Pressure on Lower Abdomen?

I’ve had bloating in the past but nothing like this. 3 weeks ago I had fast food and got diarrhea for 24 hrs. After that went away I have never been the same. I am always bloated ,especially after eating. I started having trouble with bowel movements recently. I have no bowel movements for 4 days now. The lower right side of my abdomen seems to be more sensitive at times, although not painful. I have taken peppermint and fennel tea and both help somewhat with relief, but I know something is not right. Today there is a lot of gas but I have no urge to make a bowel movement although I know its there. There is a lot of gurgling going on. The doctor said its acid reflux and gave me AciPhex but I don’t have heartburn and will not take the samples. My blood test came out normal. I have no medical history, male and am in late 30’s. I feel like my metabolism has totally stopped, as if I am no longer digesting food.
Should I be highly concerned or let this take its course without further medical attention?

Overnite relief for extreme bloating?!?

Help! I’ve been super bloated for the past week and can’t get rid of it. I think it is bloating & constipation…yuck. I’ve tried Miralax, prune juice, lemon, dandelion & peppermint tea, ACV, lots of salads, water & fruit….nothing doing. Any other suggestions that have worked for you? I have a big day tomorrow and don’t want to feel like I’ve got a watermelon in my belly. Thanks so much!

How can I help alleviate my bloating due to difficulty passing gas?

I have tried all anti-gas remedies. The problem isn’t that I have too much gas it is that I cant pass it for hours at a time, especially at night, which causes much bloating and discomfort. It is so uncomfortable that I can’t sleep when it happens! I have tried anti-gas pills, IBS remedies from my GI doctor, peppermint, acupuncture, etc.. The doctor said that my problem is unusual.