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My stomach has been hurting every day lately?

I get very gassy and bloated during school, so I take gas relief pills, but once I get home, I have gas non-stop. Sometimes it feels like butterflies in my stomach. Like, that feeling you get when you’re nervous. I’m not sure how else to describe it, lol. I have been dieting for almost four months now, and I drink plenty of water. I don’t know what the problem is, but it really hurts some days. Should I consult my doctor or is there something I can take to help?

How to stop bloating during pregnancy?

I’m 7 weeks and the bloating is unbearable. It’s making me feel so nauseous and I can’t even swallow anything without gagging. I tried taking gas relief pills, but it did nothing. Is there anything at all that will take the pressure away? I know drinking plenty of water will help, but it’s not helping enough. My stomach is literally stretched to the max right now.

How can I help alleviate my bloating due to difficulty passing gas?

I have tried all anti-gas remedies. The problem isn’t that I have too much gas it is that I cant pass it for hours at a time, especially at night, which causes much bloating and discomfort. It is so uncomfortable that I can’t sleep when it happens! I have tried anti-gas pills, IBS remedies from my GI doctor, peppermint, acupuncture, etc.. The doctor said that my problem is unusual.

How to get relief from bloating?

Does anyone know of a good remedy to help with bloating and constipation? I’ve heard green tea helps. Has anyone tried that? I’m desperate for help. I’ve tried gas pills, milk of magnesia, enemas, miralax, etc. and it keeps coming back. HELP!!! I started on Cymbalta 6 mos. ago and it helps with depression so much, but it seems that’s when my bloating problem started..Anyone had that happen?