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How to relieve heartburn and bloating when you are pregnant?

i’m 7 week pregnant now and have a bad morning sickness but the one that i can’t stand is the bloating and the heart burn sometimes it so painful that i can’t go to sleep. i’m so stress about right now since i want the pain to go away while i can’t drink any stomach acid medicine. is there any treatment that okay for me to consume right now that help to relief this burning pain ?

Is dark green diarrhea and stomach pain associated with Trazodone?

I went to the doctor last week, and she prescribed me Trazodone to help me sleep. It wasn’t until just a few days ago I started having stomach pain, like someone was stabbing me, and dark green diarrhea, 99% liquid. I looked at different websites and haven’t been able to link the two, so I was wondering if anyone would know?

Should I get the regular midol or teen?

I’m thinking about trying midol for the first time. I’m 16. I like how the complete midol promises relief from all the symptoms, but some people are saying that the caffeine makes them jittery/unable to sleep. Would I be better off getting the teen version? My main problems are lower back pain, cramps, bloating, and sometimes headache. I’m worried that the caffeine will make me crazy. What do you think? Experiences?

What could be the reason for my stomach pain?

A little embarrassing but I have to ask someone. For a couple of nights I have been awaken by strong stomach ache and diarrhea. My stomach hurts much that I have not been getting any sleep lately because it is such a torture to try falling asleep with that much of pain.

I have not changed my diet recently ( usually breakfast, lunch and dinner and plenty of water). anyone else experienced anything similar?

How can I help alleviate my bloating due to difficulty passing gas?

I have tried all anti-gas remedies. The problem isn’t that I have too much gas it is that I cant pass it for hours at a time, especially at night, which causes much bloating and discomfort. It is so uncomfortable that I can’t sleep when it happens! I have tried anti-gas pills, IBS remedies from my GI doctor, peppermint, acupuncture, etc.. The doctor said that my problem is unusual.


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