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Sudden Abdominal pain mainly upper abdominal. bloated feeling. Induced vomiting to have some relief! whats up?

just came down with intense upper abdominal pain with horrible bloated feeling. had to induce vomiting in order to relieve some of the discomfort. I have no appetite and drinking any fluid results in feeling even more bloated. I feel the urge to burp or to have a bowel movement but to no avail. there doesn’t seem to be any fever. no sore throat, no runny nose, and no cough!

Pain in legs hands back feet and tingling abdomen bloating nausea constipation?

My hands legs and back hurt all the time. I feel like I have the flu. My abdomen bloats after eating and I have had constipation for 3 months. I take a stool softner without relief. When I take a laxtive I have cramps and naseau. I have more hair loss than usual when shampooing. Itching and very dry skin even using lotion several time a day. I have a sore throat and earache on the left side. I am hoarse and have a cough. I am dizzy several times a day and lose my balance. I am forgetful and can not concentrate. I stay tired and sleepy. I am short of breath and have a cough.