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Maintaining good digestive health

Learn tips for choosing foods that aid in healthy digestion, and see how exercise plays a role. This segment is part of Blue Shield of California’s “Good to Know” health series. www.blueshieldca.com

What could be the reason for my stomach pain?

A little embarrassing but I have to ask someone. For a couple of nights I have been awaken by strong stomach ache and diarrhea. My stomach hurts much that I have not been getting any sleep lately because it is such a torture to try falling asleep with that much of pain.

I have not changed my diet recently ( usually breakfast, lunch and dinner and plenty of water). anyone else experienced anything similar?

Stomach pain?

Everytime about a half hour before i eat lunch I start to get a stomach ache. Once i eat lunch i get extreme abdominal pain and bloating that persists for the rest of the day. It’s sort of a gassy pain but not quite, and if i poke or suck in my stomach its a sharp stabbing pain. It sounds a lot like the symptoms of lactose in tolerance, however I know it is not because I occurs no matter what i seem to eat.

Anyone have similar symptoms or know if this is a certain condition ? Also what can i do to help it?