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Natural Heartburn Remedy – Nutralize

Nutralize is a safe, fast, and effective natural heartburn remedy featuring all natural and organic ingredients such as manuka honey and apple cider vinegar.

Need relief for a bloated stomach :(?

Help- I’ve been sick earlier in the week so I haven’t been eating much (I threw up Sunday and it made me lose my appetite for everything). Tonight I went out to dinner for the first time and ate more than I’ve been eating lately. Now my stomach is killing me and is really bloated and I don’t know how to get rid of it. I’ve taken tums twice in the past two hours and still no real effect. Anything else I can do? I’m here stuck at college and don’t have a lot of options!

LecSmart / Tummy Ache / Upset Stomach / Stomach Pain / Gastric Distress

Introducing LecSmart™ — A Revolutionary Product for Definitive Treatment of Gastric Ailments The Challenge The human stomach is in trouble. Until about twenty years ago, it was thought that chronic indigestion (such as gastritis) and stomach ulcers were the result of too much stress or too much spicy food in the diet. However, it is now well understood that these, and related, gastric problems are largely the result of a type of bacteria that, remarkably, can colonize and flourish in the highly acidic environment of the stomach. Helicobacter pylori is the culprit, and it is highly infectious, communicable, and tenacious. Two-thirds of humanity have been infected; in the US, the figure is somewhat lower but, at 50%, is very substantial.