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What could cause terrible upper stomach pain?

My fiance experiences regular heartburn but for the past hour he has been having a completely different type of pain in his upper stomach. It is so bad that he can’t get comfortable and it won’t go away! At first I thought it was gas but he’s taking Gas X and even a pamprin…still, nothing has helped. If you have any educated or past experience suggestions or advice, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

How to get rid of stomach pain?

I irritated my stomach with vomiting, because some medicine was not agreeing with me. I was getting up nauseate. Then my stomach got irritated from the vomiting. I tried to eat but the food would not stay down, so I ate light. I ate broth and crackers and then I ate the chicken noodle soup. Soon as I ate the chicken noodle soup, I got a fullness near my diaphragm area or upper stomach. The Nexium is not helping at this time. I started feeling that pain in my upper stomach.
What to do?

Heavy bloating in Upper Stomach, please advise?

Hi All,
I am 22 weeks by now. from 1 month I am suffering with bloated stomach but doesn’t have any pain (very little sometime).
From 3 days my stomach not giving relief from bloating and looks like 9th month stomach (only upper one). I feel moments in lower stomach. I went to doctor and said to try some Gas and Constipation medicine, but I don’t see any difference yet.
Does anyone had the same thing? please advise what should I do?
I am really worried, and I feel baby can’t move in upper stomach as it is bloated and very hard to. and I am taking very small amounts of foods in every 2-3 hrs gap and taking lots of fluids. but no change.

Another problem is if I walk my stomach is getting more hard and bloat. and I am sleeping on my left side.

Please advise, Thanks