What could cause terrible upper stomach pain?

My fiance experiences regular heartburn but for the past hour he has been having a completely different type of pain in his upper stomach. It is so bad that he can’t get comfortable and it won’t go away! At first I thought it was gas but he’s taking Gas X and even a pamprin…still, nothing has helped. If you have any educated or past experience suggestions or advice, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “What could cause terrible upper stomach pain?”

  1. It might be an ulcer. The acid might have created one and now he’s feeling its effect, which is stomach pain. He needs an upper stomach endoscopy test done.

  2. It could be h pylori check out h pylori symptoms on line sounds like it !
    Ulcers come with it if lefted untreated. Sounds like he needs medical
    help. have him checked if he does have it ask the doc for the prev pac and i hope he has good medical insurance because with out it that stuff is pricey!!!!
    best of luck

  3. I’d recommend getting the endoscopy done ASAP, as he may have GERD (reflux disease) which caused esophagitis or he may have an ulcer. Seeing as your boyfriend frequently gets heartburn, I lean towards the first possibility listed.

    I have GERD, which went undiagnosed (and untreated) until esophagitis began. That pain was extremely intense. My doctor tried an antacid, didn’t help at all. ER did all sorts of tests- blood, ultrasound- and then gave me a different type of antacid. Didn’t do squat. Thank goodness, I got into see a gastroenterologist 2-3 days later and had the endoscopy done. I have GERD, which caused esophagitis, and I require protein pump inhibitor (PPI- like Protonix or Prevacid) to lower acidity levels and allowed healing of the esophagus.

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