What exactly happens when one is bloating?

I’ve had my period for a long time already.. and people say that you experience bloating during/after periods. I’m not sure, but what does this mean and how does it feel like? Is it in any way related to cramps? Because that’s mostly the only known thing I’ve experienced or know of when it comes to periods.

One thought on “What exactly happens when one is bloating?”

  1. Not everyone experiences bloating. Bloating is when you retain alot of water, and your stomach feels like it’s swollen and most of your clothes will be tight during that time. Also, if you have gas, your stomach can bloat and this is usually kinda of painful, intense sharp pains that last a few seconds and will go away as soon as your gas goes away or you take something for it. If you haven’t experienced, you are lucky. Just know that! Periods are crazy enough, and then when you get bloated and have cramps on top of it, just isn’t fun./

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