What is the best type of midol?

Yes. That time of the month is simply unbearable for me. I’ve tried lots of things, but everyone says Midol works the best. I noticed there were many different kind of it :
Midol PM
Midol Teen ( I’m 17 so I’m not sure if I want that )
Midol Complete
Midol Extended relief
and Midol Liquid Gels

I was just curious as to what people like the best? Especially for cramps and bloating.

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  1. Those are pretty-well all the same, right? If you’ve used Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Advil (ibuprofen) to relieve your cramps, and they didn’t work, Midol won’t work any more for you. Most Midol formulations include acetaminophen, with some that switch to ibuprofen. They are even in the same doses as your traditional household pain relievers. Unless the bloating is really bad, you might as well save your money and not buy a different product (not all of them even have a diuretic, and there are better ways to treat bloating than a diuretic).

    To each their own though, right? The PM does include a sleep inducer (I’d rather take my herbs, personally) so it’s a pain because you shouldn’t take it during the day. And the Midol Teen does not use caffeine, so it won’t interfere with other caffeine consumption, which has advantages. And the liquid gels, like all liquid gels, digest quicker if you need a quick kick. Of course, I have liquid gel Advil for my migraines, and it even uses the same dose.

    At least the Extended relief doesn’t use Aspirin as its NSAID, so that gives a new option for people with allergies. Actually, if you’re really struggling to find something, this is the one that has the most uncommon pain reliever (Naproxen sodium – only really Alieve uses it).

    Personally, my water consumption prevents bloating and I’ve discovered giving in to cravings reduces my cramps. When they get bad, I go for warmth and just reach for whatever pain reliever is in the house.

    Of course, I am a freak who reads the medical ingredients of every OTC drug I buy, so I think way too much about this stuff.

    EDIT: if you are really stuck to find something that works, you might want to talk to a pro about OTC drug combining. If you choose relievers that are from different drug families – so they work different ways and won’t just interact or raise the dose – you can take them together and it’s a one-two punch, or at least doesn’t leave you struggling to figure out which one works. For example, Tylenol (acetaminophen) and Advil (ibuprofen) can be combined, provided you start with lows doses. But talk to a pro because you don’t want things to interact.

  2. midol complete. i’ve been using since i was about 16. used to use advil and other stuff but this works way better

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