3 thoughts on “when exactly does bloating and everything go away after you start your period?”

  1. Mine usually stops after my period ends.
    Bloating and other symptoms of PMS are due to hormones. When you’re having your period, the hormone you need to prevent this (estrogen) is not there.

    You can ask your doctor how to best remedy this.

    There are a lot of PMS and period relief medicines out there over the counter you can take. They all have the same ingredients, but some have caffiene and antihistamine (which I wouldn’t recommend). I usually take the store brand PMS medicine with Acetaminophen and two diuretics which helps me. I get bad edema and bloating during mine.

  2. Mine usually doesn’t stop till my period stops! I have endometriosis, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

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