10 thoughts on “When you are pregnant do you have bad headaches and stomach pain?”

  1. i have this before my period i dont remember getting any symptoms a week into my pregnancy

  2. You shouldn’t get headaches or back pain just yet but you may get stomach pains that feel like period cramps without the blood…that can indicate pregnancy.

  3. Possibly. If conception has occured. so symptoms can begin 7 days before missed period. Or on average week 6.

    Stomach pain ; Like period cramps is normal.
    Headaches : yes – Hormone change
    Depends on when the sex occured. If around ovulation- yes possible to have symptoms. But i would say if not around ovulation & unsure of next period date. Symptoms could start 2 weeks after unprotected sex.
    godbless x

  4. It doesn’t sound like normal pregnancy symptoms. You may feel tenderness of breasts, your areola (coloured area around your nipple may go a bit darker). Things may taste and smell a bit different. It sounds like you may be unwell. If you have unprotected sex, it’s possible to get an infection and get PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) which can cause pain in the pelvic area. It could, however, just be a normal part of being human (aches and pains). If it keeps up or gets worse, get it checked out by a doctor

  5. One week..hummm..Not being mean at all okay so don’t take this the wrong way but is it possible your partner may have given you something? Though your symptoms say PG the timing is strange unless you are really in tune to your body..I would go to a doc and get tested for both. Good Luck!

  6. I never heard of headaches. You can get info. caring support and free pregancy testing by calling 1800395help and going to a pregnancy resoruce center.

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