Why do I have Bloating and Mild Discomfort with Pressure on Lower Abdomen?

I’ve had bloating in the past but nothing like this. 3 weeks ago I had fast food and got diarrhea for 24 hrs. After that went away I have never been the same. I am always bloated ,especially after eating. I started having trouble with bowel movements recently. I have no bowel movements for 4 days now. The lower right side of my abdomen seems to be more sensitive at times, although not painful. I have taken peppermint and fennel tea and both help somewhat with relief, but I know something is not right. Today there is a lot of gas but I have no urge to make a bowel movement although I know its there. There is a lot of gurgling going on. The doctor said its acid reflux and gave me AciPhex but I don’t have heartburn and will not take the samples. My blood test came out normal. I have no medical history, male and am in late 30’s. I feel like my metabolism has totally stopped, as if I am no longer digesting food.
Should I be highly concerned or let this take its course without further medical attention?

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  1. I would call your doctor. At this point you’re running the risk of a blockage, and once it reaches a certain point it’s beyond enemas fixing it. you’re talking surgery. I actually know someone who didn’t have a bowel movement for 5 days, and on the 5th day she got sick and started throwing up. She was throwing up POOP because it had backed all the way up into her stomach. AHHHH! GROSS!!!

  2. Either go back to the doctor and report your continuing pain, or find a new doctor. If your insurance will allow a visit to a gastroenterologist, that would probably be best.

  3. who knows?? eliminate all milk products, processed foods, and "fast food" from your diet, drink more water, take probiotics, keep a food diary, and see your doctor.

  4. Go to the drug store and buy some acidophilus tablets (they’re an over the counter product). They will increase the "good" bacteria in your intestinal tract and help get it working properly again. OR you can eat some natural yogurt which naturally has acidophilus in it.

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