Why do the doctors poke and tap your stomach when you tell them its in pain?

I had a huge stomach pain the other day that wouldn’t go away, and when i told them this, they made me lie down on my back and they poked and tapped it with two figures all over my stomach area. Why do they do that? What exactly are they looking for?

8 thoughts on “Why do the doctors poke and tap your stomach when you tell them its in pain?”

  1. to try to feel if there is any swelling or other physical abnormalities with your internal organs. Well actually I think it is more to find out which organ is causing you pain.

  2. they wanna feel ur stomach to see if its infected inside, or that something feels unusual, or its bumpy. they do that incase something happend or if it hurts on the right side u might have appedicitis.

  3. they do that to look for the spot of pain because since a bunch of your organs are around your stomach sometimes it can be more than just a stomach ache because sometimes it can be gas , indegestion or something else

  4. if enything is inside ur stumacklike a lump for cancer or somesort of thing wrong with ur insides not to scare u

  5. Usually when they tap they are feeling for an echo. The echo could be gas pockets in your stomach which can cause pain.

  6. Well what they are checking for is a hernia. And they are checking for something that feels abnormal in your body. Trust me it is just part of the job to finding out if there really is anything wrong. If there are any questions or concerns to my response then please feel free to visit my profile and send me an email and I would be more than happy to further assist you.

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