Why Severe Bloating Occurs and What You Can Do About It

Abdominal distension sounds like a serious disorder.  If a doctor told you that you were suffering from abdominal distension, would you be concerned?  In truth, you most likely have suffered from this insidious sounding disorder at one point in time.  Abdominal distension is the medical term for severe bloating; a disorder that frequently plagues many adults.

Severe bloating occurs when the digestive system is overrun with gases.  At time, excess gas build up occurs because of a digestive system malfunction.  At other times, the foods you eat can lead to the production of excess gas.

There are a variety of things that may be contributing to your bloating.   Being aware of the common causes of abdominal distension is an important step in combating the problem of serious bloating symptoms.  If you find that you are frequently bloated and gassy, consider your diet and the impact that the things you ingest on a daily basis may have on your digestive health.

The first steps you can take in combating bloating don’t involve what you eat, but instead how you eat.  If you engage in eating practices that allow excess air into your digestive system, you are likely to experience bloating.  If you are seeking ways to combat your bloating, try slowing down as you eat.  Rapid eating is more likely to introduce air into your digestive system.  Also avoid talking while you eat.  Opening your mouth while you chew allows air to mix with your food and naturally results in you taking in more air.

After you consider how you eat, you need to take into account what you eat.  When trying to determine what is causing your bloating, nutritionally unsound foods are likely culprits.  Foods high in fat or cholesterol are not easily digested and can lead digestive malfunction, which will result in bloating and gas.  In addition, highly processed food or foods that are high in sugar cannot be easily broken down by the digestive system and can lead to bloating.

If you frequently experience severe heartburn bloating, try to determine which particular foods or food types you eat immediately before you bloating symptoms begin.  You can easily end your bloating troubles by eliminating problem foods from you diet.  Remember, if your body can’t digest the food properly it will lead to bloating and abdominal discomfort.

Other unhealthy habits can contribute to the malfunction of your digestive system.  Drug use, smoking, and alcohol consumption all have an indirect impact on your digestive system and can lead to bloating.  When you take unhealthy pathogens into your body, it has an impact on your body’s natural balance and leads to the disruption of normal body processes including digestion.  There are many health related reasons to discontinue the use of drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol.  Severe and chronic bloating is just one of the ill effects of these unhealthy practices.

The human body is an intricate machine.  Too often, we don’t appreciate the precarious balance that needs to be maintained in order for body processes to occur properly.  Be sure to consider the impact that the things you take into your body may have on your body’s ability to perform its normal functions.  If you suffer from severe bloating, adjust your habits and keep current of the various bloating cures available to end your distress.

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